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Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 8) Final Assembly and Installation - HECO

July 31, 2019

In the final post in this 8 part case study series, you will see Todd Hatfield explain the final assembly of the 5500HP, 13,200v, synchronous motor in the clip below from a presentation given at the 2018 RPM Symposium.

The presentation below covers:

  • Assembling the rotor to the adapter base with the stator
  • Using the steel plate made for shipping to also center and pin the rotor, making for a quicker duplication on sight
  • Adjusting the exciter to increase the amperage from 80 ADC to 99 ADC
  • Removing the original motor and the two adjacent DC exciters
  • Installing the motor and doing a test run
  • Reinstalling the DC generators to ensure the motor can drive the generators

Catch up on any of the series that you might have missed…

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5500 HP motor final application