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APOLLO IIoT Solution


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Revolution

Instead of focusing on Sensors, Gateways, Hardware, Software, and Platforms; APOLLO, HECO’s remote condition monitoring solution, is changing the focus to utilizing remote technologies to catch failures before they occur – its just that simple.

APOLLO allows you to:

  • MINIMIZE UNPLANNED DOWNTIME – Elevate maintenance from reactive or preventive systems to maintenance schemes based on actual asset health, lowering costs and increasing productivity.
  • REDUCE MANUAL MONITORING COSTS – Reduce time spent on manually monitoring equipment in the plant floor with more frequent asset health measurement to detect and correct potential issues.
  • REDUCE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COSTS – Control repair and maintenance costs by fixing problems before catastrophic failure; IIoT empowered insight allows optimization of parts & capacity.
  • OPTIMIZE PLANNED DOWNTIME – Remote condition monitoring in combination with predictive AI model allows to identify and act upon abnormal asset behavior before they cause downtime.
  • OPTIMIZE PRODUCTION LEVELS – Optimize production levels by leveraging asset data and adjusting production to efficient yet sustainable levels until the next planned maintenance outage.

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Driving tangible results for your facility – GUARANTEED!

Learn how APOLLO and Relayr maximize the dependability of motors and equipment.


Customer Value

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Risk Mitigation

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The HECO Predictive Approach

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The APOLLO IIoT system works through a four-tiered approach that is unmatched in industry.

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What does APOLLO Guarantee?

APOLLO is continuously monitoring for potential issues. Sending alerts when machine health states hit severe levels. If the machine experiences a failure while is reporting a healthy state, the repair costs are covered. APOLLO has a list of Detectable Fault Types that are covered by this guarantee for equipment that APOLLO is designed for such as electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, fans, compressors, and chillers.

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