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Surplus Motors


Why You Should Consider a Surplus Motor

Some people may shy away from purchasing a surplus motor, often because there are concerns about reliability and warranties. However, if you take a smart approach, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are several reasons why investing in a surplus motor as opposed to a new motor may be the wisest approach, starting with the fact that surplus motors are usually about 30% or more less expensive than a new motor.

1. Surplus motors can be customized and obtained in days versus months that may be required for a new build.

In addition, it’s possible to find motors that are either an exact or extremely close match (electrically and mechanically) to the motor being replaced. This can be especially important when the motor is a hard-to-find older model that may no longer be manufactured.

2. Older motors are often more rugged, built to last longer, are heavier, and larger.

If you try to find a new motor to replace an older model, you may run into practical problems when it comes to installation and integration into an existing powertrain. By looking for a surplus motor, you may be able to find a drop-in replacement or a customized build that eliminates that type of hassle.

3. Many surplus motors come with warranties that match or exceed those that come with new builds.

This is made possible when a surplus motor has been refurbished by a quality vendor. The lead time on surplus motors is often much shorter than that of new motors, especially when local shops may not have the new motor in stock.

Surplus motor

Your best option may not always be the purchase of a brand new electric motor.

There are times when a surplus motor may be best. It could be budgetary constraints, you may be replacing an older motor that you just can’t find anymore, or you may need an inexpensive replacement to fill in while another motor is being repaired or reconditioned.


HECO’s Surplus Motors

HECO has a large inventory of surplus electric motors that range from small, 1 HP units up to large Above NEMA 10,000 HP motors. Our range of options, in order from lowest to highest price, are as-is (cheapest, no warranty, often recommended for short-term use), E-ok (electrical functionality is assumed acceptable, will need reconditioning but not a full rewind), reconditioned (warranty on the reconditioned work, tests and functions well), and rebuilt (warrantied like a new motor, may even exceed specifications for a new motor).

If you are in the market for a replacement electric motor and are considering a surplus motor, our experts can advise you on what is available and what your options are, as well as more about the warranties related to various grades of surplus motors we sell. HECO can also customize a surplus motor for your application at very competitive prices and a fast turnaround time.

Surplus motors

How to Get the Right Electric Motor

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