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HECO provides solutions, prevention, and confidence.


HECO helps industrial plants utilize more dependable motors and equipment.

Through a mix of Repair, Product Sales, Field Service, Predictive, and Equipment Management, we help our clients do three things better:

1. See what’s going on with their machines and be prepared for what is to come. Where are your issues? What can be done to prevent it?

2. Get rid of the issue by either doing the work, coming up with options, or telling you what needs to be done.

3. Stop the issue from happening again by making sure anything that is done is done the right way.

HECO technician conducting a motor rewind.

“We provide our customers peace of mind and confidence that their motors and equipment will operate effectively, have longevity, and reduce total cost of ownership.”

—Justin T. Hatfield, President

power generation industry
mining industry
Steel manufacturing Industry

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