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Field Service


When you don’t have the staff or need an expert to handle on-site troubleshooting and inspecting, call HECO’s dedicated field service team.

HECO technicians have the experience and expertise to identify the root causes of motor failure, and can provide the preventive maintenance required to lower failure rates and maintenance costs.


On-site motor inspections and preventive maintenance services include:

    • Dry ice cleaning.
    • Brush maintenance.
    • Motor condition inspections.
    • Turnkey removal and installation services.
    • Lubrication and greasing programs.
    • Audit and survey inventory.
    • Bearing changes.
    • Babbitt bearing inspections and repairs.
    • Troubleshooting.
    • Electric motor testing (online and offline) Including PdMA MCE Emax.

We staff the qualified manpower to work with your maintenance staff when you are overburdened and need an extra hand for a day, a year or longer if needed. We also remove, repair, and reinstall electric motors, pumps, fans, and any equipment with one call. We will supply manpower, cranes, lifting equipment, testing, and engineering as needed to complete any project.​

Motor installation in the field

We’ll come to your facility and get the job done the right way whenever you need us.

Motor bearing service in the field

Stay on top of your repair and maintenance needs.

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