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How to Evaluate Your Need for Electric Motor Field Service, Part 2 – Consider Provider Methodology - HECO

March 8, 2023

When your motor goes down or needs maintenance, it goes without saying that you need someone who is highly qualified. Your best bet is selecting a field service team that is accredited by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) where the field service team is well versed in industry best practices.

In addition to being committed to the reliability of your machines, the technician should be able to work in your facility without causing major disruptions.

Keep in mind that finding a good field service technician goes beyond finding someone who can get your motors, pumps, and rotating equipment running as soon as possible. The technician should also be focused on tracking down the root cause of the problem rather than addressing its symptoms. This is critical for long-term cost savings, uptime, and your peace of mind.

When you’re trying to decide which field service provider is right for you, there are several key elements to consider. To determine if field service is right for your electric motor systems, HECO suggests evaluating a potential provider’s methodology and approach to service.

Focus on Reliability

For your equipment to be reliable, you need repairs that go beyond getting your system up and running. You should expect to receive repairs that last and don’t have to be repeated over and over.

One way to tell if a motor repair service provides truly reliable service is to look for EASA accreditation. You can also look for shops that work with the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) and have team members who have completed the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and/or Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician (CMRT) programs.

Another good sign is a long-standing relationship with and team members that have received their Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) certification.

Safety and Minimal Disruption

When you have technicians on-site, you have every right to expect them to respect your safety practices and follow the OSHA and environmental regulations that apply to their work. Included in this are the safe handling and appropriate disposal of any oil, grease, and cleaning compounds. Field service technicians should also be able to perform these tasks without putting any of your employees at risk.

Root Cause of Failure

There are many shops that will work around the clock to get your motor running. If the technician doesn’t track down the root of your problem though, it will just happen again. To keep your facility running smoothly with minimal downtime and production line disruption, you simply cannot afford to make the same repairs over and over.

Specialized Team Approach

Some of the motor repair shops that offer field services have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians who only do field service calls. The on-site teams are distinct from Predictive services as well as in-house repair, vibration and thermography, and maintenance teams.

While specialized, these field service professionals have worked in these areas and combine a strong foundation of hands-on experience and skills that have been finely tuned for providing effective field service.

HECO Field Services

At HECO, we focus on reliability, practice safety, cause minimal disruption, track down and address the root cause of failure for motor repairs, and offer field service as a specialized division within our company.

The HECO Field Service team will ask quite a few questions, provide detailed documentation of what they do, and help you keep everything running smoothly. You can count on us for maintenance and repairs that support the reliability of your motor-driven powertrain system.

Whether you’re dealing with a sudden motor failure in the middle of the night, need complete motor turnkey service, or looking for assistance with planned maintenance, HECO Field Services is here to help.

All Systems Go

We’ll make sure it’s All Systems Go with your electric motors, pumps, and rotating equipment!

For more information about typical work included in field service, download Electric Motor Field Service: Is It Right for Your Facility? e-book.

Contact us today to learn more about our electric motor field service and expertise.

The complete How to Evaluate Your Need for Electric Motor Field Service blog series also includes Part 1 – Understand What Work is Covered.

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