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What You Need to Know About Vertical Pump Motors

February 21, 2024

Nearly every industrial facility in the United States uses vertical pumps and vertical pump motors. Also known as vertical turbines or line shaft pumps, these systems are widely used in farming applications and other operations that need to move water or other liquids from lower to higher elevations. Compared to their horizontal counterparts, vertical pump …

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Learn to prevent electric motor failures! Explore thermal, mechanical, electrical, and environmental stressors for extended lifespan. Trust HECO's expertise.

Four Winding Failures to Avoid in AC Motors

January 10, 2024

Did you know the vast majority of electric motor failures are preventable? Sure, everything has a limited lifespan so some failures cannot be prevented, but many of the motors that come into our shop have suffered an unnecessary failure. Since HECO launched in 1959, we’ve performed countless motor failure repair jobs. Motor rewinds in particular …

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What to Look for in an Electric Motor Repair Shop Image

What to Do Before Choosing a New Electric Motor Repair Shop, Part 2 – Set Your Expectations

February 8, 2023

When your motor shows signs of impending issues or is completely unusable, panic often leads operators to call the fastest or cheapest repair shop. While the shutdown-induced, knee-jerk reaction is understandable, it is not advisable. As HECO previously shared, defining the problem and preparing your specifications are the most important steps to take when selecting …

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Cavitation in a Pump

What is Cavitation & What Are the Causes of Cavitation?

March 1, 2022

Maybe you’ve got a centrifugal pump that sounds like it’s full of rocks, marbles, or gravel. That is a sign of cavitation — which can total your pump if you don’t track down the cause. But what is cavitation anyway? The official definition of cavitation is what occurs within a pump when the static pressure …

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Engineer selecting right bearing for electric motor

Is Repairing Your Electric Motor Still a Viable Option?

January 31, 2022

Repairing is still a viable option when your motor fails — when the repair is done correctly. Find out when it makes sense to have your electric motor repaired and what you need to consider when choosing the vendor. When to Repair Your Electric Motors The decision to repair or replace can be a tricky …

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