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Equipment Management


Custom Equipment Management from HECO provides tailored solutions allowing you to be prepared for a failure.

When the unavoidable happens, you will know what to do rather than jeopardizing long-term reliability with a short-sighted focus.


Equipment Management benefits include:

  • Eliminating unnecessary purchases and repairs by knowing what you have and what you need.
  • Reduced failures and increased reliability because the right vendors supply to the right spec, in the
    right places.
  • Improved planning and identification of potential problems using historical data.
  • More informed decision making through the utilization of Predictive technologies and connecting information.

Your customized program may include:

  • Corporate specifications with a focus on long-term reliability.
  • Incoming or “strip reports” for consistency.
  • Partner survey and identification.
  • Pricing formulas or a matrix.
  • “Root cause” failure determination.
  • Entire powertrain system evaluation.
  • Repair versus replacement breakpoints.
  • Implement documentation system utilizing TracRat software for repair history, inventory movements, and cause of failure tracking.
Equipment management large motors
Equipment management small motors

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Overall, HECO’s experience in implementing Equipment Management will save you the risk of possible failure, delays, and unnecessary costs.

Our TracRat® Software will assist in:

  • Equipment Identification & Survey
  • MRO Repairs Management
  • Purchasing Spare Equipment
  • Unit Exchange (UTEX) Programs
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HECO’s Equipment Management program enables you to maximize plant availability, minimize in-service equipment failures, and reduce the time it takes to get equipment operating again. Bottom line, you’ll lower the overall cost to your business.


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