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HECO has the services you need to help repair motors and rotating equipment.


Our Philosophy and Approach

You’ll experience the difference with the first job when we ask you a variety of questions before we pick up the unit.

  • Why are you removing the unit? Did it fail?
  • What is the application for your unit?
  • How long has the unit been in service?
  • What type of unit starting is used?
  • Any special instructions?

Service Centers

HECO’s 60 years of experience in repairs are available in a wide area to serve you in the most efficient manner. See HECO’s extensive service area.

Repair testing

Our equipment doesn’t make us successful; the strict procedures HECO has followed since 1959 do.

Repair on Motor

Repair Shop Capabilities and Services

  • Electric motor repair and custom, on-site rewinding.
  • Testing capabilities of up to 13.8kV, 4000kVA.
  • Lathe machining capabilities up to 96-inch swing.
  • High voltage rewinds (12kV, 13.2kV, 13.8kV) utilizing B-Stage or VPI Insulation Systems.
  • Low and medium voltage rewinds with epoxy vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) ensures a practically void-free, cooler-running, longer-lasting electric motor winding.
  • Quality reconditions that increase motor life and prevent failures.
  • Computerized diagnostic equipment provides accurate testing of the electrical components within an electric motor or generator.
  • Vibration analysis and infrared thermography services (route and troubleshooting).
  • Computerized vibration spectrum analysis for true vibration readings which can be compared to the motor’s in-plant performance.
  • 10-foot diameter vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) system.
  • Von Roll Mica MAX Insulation system for up to 15kV+ VPI motors.
  • Two clean winding rooms, the largest with 50 ton lifting capacity.
  • DC & AC HiPot (high potential testing) available up to 50kV, 3.5 amps.
  • Dynamometer testing up to (1,200HP) 4,400 foot-pounds.
  • Demagnetizing and degaussing equipment to remove residual magnetism from electric motor shafts, journals, bearing housings, etc. reducing shaft currents.
  • Engineering/redesign services – voltage, speed, or horsepower changes, lamination, coil, or insulation system changes for longer machine life.
  • Root cause of failure analysis service.
  • Customized training (in-shop or on-site).
  • Remote condition monitoring / IIoT solutions.
  • Turnkey project management (removal, rigging, Repair, and re-installation).
  • Field balancing and alignment (shaft and belt).
  • Pump repairs for all types and brands.
  • Repair and field service on vacuum pumps, blowers, and fans.
  • Servo and spindle motor repair with full encoder testing capabilities.
  • EASA accredited electric motor repairs.

Repairs Performed on:

  • AC and DC horizontal and vertical NEMA motors
  • 230V, 480V, 2300V, 4160V, 6600V, 13,200V, and 13,800V motors
  • AC and DC horizontal and vertical Above-NEMA Motors
  • Motors (large AC and DC motors)
  • Synchronous horizontal and vertical motors and generators (including exciters)
  • Hydroelectric generators
  • Wound-rotor horizontal and vertical motors and generators
  • AC and DC generators and exciters
  • DC mill duty motors (Westinghouse, GE, Crocker, Asea, etc.)
  • Fan-cooled, weather-protected, non-vented, and drip-proof motors and generators
  • Explosion-proof UL motors
  • IEC explosion proof motor repairs
  • Eddy current clutch and press drives
Man repairing a winding

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