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Perfect Fit “Drop-In Replacements”


HECO can match a replacement motor perfectly!

Ever had an issue finding drop-in replacement electric motors?

Did you buy a replacement and it didn’t fit? Or didn’t operate like the original? Or it didn’t drive the load?

It is far too common that someone looks for a replacement motor and either buys the wrong one or can’t find one that does what the original did. HECO is here to change that.

From a simple NEMA T-Frame motor replacement to a complex Above-NEMA, high voltage motor, we supply perfect fit “drop-in” replacements.

Baldor pump motor

Our Replacement Motor Matching Process

We have a two-sided process that includes an on-site assessment and evaluation to ensure what we are providing is what you need, plus information from our customers that helps to find the perfect solution.

  • Where is the connection box located?
  • Where are the auxiliary connecting boxes located?
  • What are the physical/space constraints for a replacement motor?
  • Does a drawing of the original motor exist? Is it accurate?
  • What is the load information? Does a speed vs. torque curve exist?
  • Do the critical mounting dimensions match a common modern frame size?
  • Is there anything special about the motor?
  • Can we adapt a common motor versus a custom one? Or does a custom motor make more sense?
  • What manufacturer(s) build the best solution?
  • What is the history of issues with the existing unit?
Matching motor specification for replacement match

We can make an educated decision with our customer to ensure the perfect fit drop-in replacement will install and operate with ease.


How to Get the Right Electric Motor

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