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In addition to servicing motor systems, HECO offers a variety of quality products designed to increase the longevity and efficiency of your system.


Our Manufacturers

HECO is one of the largest distributors of standard and nonstandard new manufactured electric motors.

We have supplied hundreds of different new products from manufacturers such as Siemens, General Electric, Toshiba, ABB, Hyundai, Westinghouse, WEG, TECO, and Worldwide.

Surplus Motors

Our large inventory of surplus electric motors ranges from small, 1 HP units up to large A-NEMA 15,000 HP motors.

HECO’s experts can advise you on availability and options including as-is, E-ok, reconditioned, and rebuilt options with warranties. We can also customize a surplus motor for your application at a very competitive price with a fast turnaround time.

Perfect Fit “Drop-in” Replacements

From a simple NEMA T-Frame motor replacement to a complex Above-NEMA, high-voltage motor, HECO supplies perfect fit “drop-in” replacements.

Our proven process includes an on-site assessment and evaluation to ensure we are providing what you need. During this process we will work with you to ensure what we are recommending is a form, fit, and functional replacement.

Liquid Rheostats

HECO manufactures, reconditions, maintains, and repairs liquid rheostats. While reconditioning is performed in our shop, preventative maintenance including cleaning and high-quality repairs can be performed at our facility or yours.

We service any brand and can manufacture a custom solution if needed.

We also sell, refurbish, and supply the AC induction-wound rotor motors that liquid rheostats drive, offering a complete package to meet your needs.

Other Products

Ask HECO about VFD/motor controls, pumps, valves, seals, electrodes, eddy current, and other components required for rotating equipment.

1250 HP surplus motor
Surplus ProductsSurplus motors

HECO is one of the largest distributors of standard and nonstandard new manufactured electric motors.


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