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To achieve maximum reliability of rotating equipment, it is imperative that on-site Predictive services of some sort be implemented. HECO recommends an evaluation of the services that you currently use and the services that you might be missing.

These services could include any or all of the following from below.

HECO Pulling Pump

The HECO Predictive Approach

Predictive risk mitigation chart

PdM – Apollo IIoT Solution

  • Asset Health Management – Active monitoring of your assets’ health helps identify and flag potential issues before they occur.
  • Asset Inspection and Detailed Reporting – Vibration analysis provides data and interpretation.
  • HECO’s Service and Domain Expertise – Through our knowledge and experience, HECO will give detailed recommendations and actions based the APOLLO data.
  • Performance Guarantee – HECO guarantees against unalerted asset failures by utilizing proactive asset health alerts.

Customer Value

Predictive relative value graphic

PdM – Route Based

Field Service

Other than Predictive maintenance, what other practices are applied? How is preventive maintenance handled and tracked? Is this connected to your other areas? Whether you are performing or using a vendor, Field Service is another vital aspect on any customer’s journey to maximizing reliability of rotating equipment. With an Equipment Management System (EMS) program from HECO, all of the below items can be figured out, easily.

HECO Setting Motor

How To Get The Right Electric Motor

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