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HECO’s Predictive Service Group provides on-site maintenance and reliability services for industrial facilities.


Our engineers and technicians are experienced in a wide variety of equipment and associated technologies.

From setting up and running predictive maintenance programs to performing corrective actions such as balancing or alignment, HECO has the experience to keep your plant up and running such as:

Predictive field survey

Those Who Have Worked With HECO Since 1959 Can Attest To Our Capabilities And Integrity.

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Our IIoT solution allows you to minimize unplanned downtime, reduce manual monitoring, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and optimize your planned downtime as well production levels.

Customer Value

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Risk Mitigation

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The HECO Predictive Approach

Predictive risk mitigation chart

Stay on top of your repair and maintenance needs.

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Reliability Maintenance is Good Medicine

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Reliability Maintenance is Good Medicine<