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NEMA Standards, Part 3 – Understanding Frame Number Suffixes

December 6, 2023

By defining how motors are designed, built, and referred to on their respective nameplates, standards from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association apply to all electric motor manufacturers to ensure that all manufacturers follow identical dimension data and naming conventions. Known as NEMA frame sizes or electric motor frame sizes, these electric motor dimensions assist operators, manufacturers, …

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How to Get the Right Electric Motor

How to Get the Right Electric Motor, Part 2 – Review NEMA Standards & Efficiency

September 20, 2023

Once you’ve determined that you need a new electric motor, many of the resulting considerations center around the prospective motor’s specifications and capabilities. If your previous or prospective motor is regulated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), the good news is that the organization’s standards will help guide your choices and build efficiency. At …

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NEMA E-book Blog Cover Image

NEMA Standards, Part 2 – Interpreting Frame Sizes

August 9, 2023

Known as NEMA for short, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, is the United States’ largest electrical equipment manufacturer trade association. As established in part 1 of our NEMA Standards blog series, uniformity is a must in electrical manufacturing. At HECO, NEMA’s MG-1 standard for motors and generators is of particular interest when assisting customers in …

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Blog Cover Image of NEMA Ebook

NEMA Standards, Part 1 – Ensuring Uniformity in Electrical Manufacturing

May 3, 2023

When you’re preparing to swap out an electric motor, timeliness and accuracy are needed to minimize your process downtime and related expenses. Imagine shutting down your line and disconnecting the old motor only to realize that the replacement isn’t correctly sized for your needs. NEMA standards help eliminate these issues by defining how motors are …

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Team Partnership

Do you have an electric motor vendor or partner?

December 17, 2021

If you sit back and think about the relationship that you have with the company that you are doing your electric motor repair/replacement business with, are they really serving you or serving themselves? Do you have a vendor who actually cares about your uptime and reliability of the products that they repair and sell? When …

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image of vendor partnerships for electric motor procurement

Why Vendor-Manufacturer Partnerships are Important to End-Users

April 29, 2021

You’re trying to select a vendor to perform some repairs (and possibly a rebuild) on one of the critical yet problematic motors in your facility. You’ve received some good bids and are reviewing the vendors under consideration when you notice that one says they have a good relationship with the vendor of the motor you …

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NEMA T-frame motor

NEMA T-Frame Motors and Why They Are Not All the Same

May 28, 2020

If you have a specific NEMA-T frame motor, you can be assured that, regardless of the manufacturer, that specific T frame (for example, a 324T) will have the same shaft length, shaft diameter, and bolt hole mounting dimensions. However, what many people don’t realize is that the physical size of specific T frame motors can …

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Image of a sleeve bearing

Types of Sleeve Bearings & Sleeve Bearing Repair

April 18, 2020

Bearings account for about 51% of all electric motor failures and the most common sources of failure involve normal wear and tear, lubrication issues, contamination, or electrical damage that affects the bearing surfaces. While rolling element bearings are the most common type of bearing, sleeve bearings are found most often in larger motors that require a …

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