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Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 4) Mechanical Design of Shaft and Rotor - HECO

July 17, 2019

Below is a 10 minute segment from an hour long presentation given by Todd Hatfield. In this clip, Todd Hatfield will go over the mechanical design of the shaft and rotor and how HECO assembled it all together.

The presentation below discusses:

  • Design assessment to see how to fit a larger shaft in the rotor and re-configuration
  • Manufacturing and stress relief of a new shaft to meet the measurements of the laser scan
  • Positioning the rotor body on the shaft to obtain the correct magnetic center within the mechanical limits
  • Using a CAD drawing to position the rotor body and stator with the correct magnetic centering
  • Installing the shaft into the rotor
  • Reverse engineering and measurements to allow for exact duplication of the original slip rings and coupling

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3500HP 13200v motor Rotor and Stator