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Case Study 5500HP, 13,200v, Synchronous Motor: (Part 3) Electrical & Mechanical Redesign Engineering - HECO

July 15, 2019

In part 3 of this case study, Todd Hatfield will be discussing how HECO re-engineered the electrical and mechanical design of the surplus motor to match the 5500HP, 13,200v original motor.

This 13 minute presentation will go over:

  • On-site laser measurements using FARO technology
  • Determining challenges such as
    • How the spare motor would fit into the existing pit
    • Configuring an adapter base to fit the new motor
    • Creating an identical shaft that could fit into the spare motor
    • Duplicating couplings and slip rings
    • An Engineering Design Assessment confirming that the spare motor could be redesigned to 5500HP
  • The discovery of a series reactor that would put less stress on the whole system
  • A Power & Load study of the original motor and application to better understand the load and amperage variation
  • Interpreting the Engineering Design Assessment results

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synchronous motor case study