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What is an AC Synchronous Motor? - HECO

July 2, 2019

An informative video about AC Synchronous Motors

Below is a 5 minute video from an hour long presentation given by Todd Hatfield, Senior Electrical Engineer at HECO – All Systems Go, during the 2018 Reliability, Process, and Maintenance (RPM) Symposium. This clip covers the basis of synchronous motors and how they differ from induction motors.

For AC Synchronous Motors, this video presentation will cover:

  • The basis of electric motors and the difference between synchronous and induction motors
    • How the rotating magnetic field causes induction through the rotor bars
  • How synchronous motors are pulled into synchronism using DC voltage
  • The power triangle and how synchronous motors produce reactive power
  • The parts and components of a synchronous motor

Posted in Equipment Management, Product Sales

Image of Synchronous Motor Brakedown