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What to Do Before Choosing a New Electric Motor Repair Shop, Part 3 – Assemble Your Team - HECO

March 22, 2023

Electric motor failures are more than a headache. Whether expected or a total surprise, motor failures cost you time, money, and productivity.

Beyond knowing what to do when a failure occurs and what to expect from a vendor, having an identified in-house team will help you choose the right electric motor repair shop. This team-based approach will ensure that the partnership is successful and long-lasting.

Include Internal Experts

When you form an internal team to review potential motor repair vendors, you will be assured that all bases are covered. Ideally, your team should include representatives from maintenance, reliability, purchasing, engineering, and management.

It’s only human nature for people to focus on the aspects of a situation that are most relevant to their role. As a result, what is of utmost importance to one person may be of little or no importance to another person.

By including a cross-section of department representatives and priorities, everyone’s voices will be heard to have all desires met. The specs will, in turn, better reflect the total scope of what is needed for a proper repair.

Visit the Repair Facility

Here’s where the rubber really meets the road. Without exception, your team should visit the repair vendor’s facility before making a final decision. This is the only true way to be sure that the vendor can do what they’re claiming.

During the visit, compare the audit form to what you’re seeing, and don’t leave until every team member has had their questions answered.

Get Started

From the time the first motor was invented, the electric motor sales and repair business has always been a “what” industry. Customers have been asked what they wanted to buy or have repaired. Then, they pretty much got what they had asked for.

The problem: they never knew what the problem was.

HECO is different. We are the industry’s “why” company. As such, we specialize in custom systems that optimize the performance of the entire electric motor-driven powertrain.

When you tell HECO you’re having a motor problem, we want to find out the why of the issue, including:

  • Why did a failure occur?
  • Why didn’t you know about it ahead of time?
  • Why is a new motor really needed?
  • Why isn’t the right spare on hand?

Then we use our problem-solving and engineering expertise to keep your plant up and running.

All Systems Go

HECO helps industrial plants utilize more dependable motors and equipment. Since 1959, we’ve provided a mix of Repair, Predictive, Product Sales, Equipment Management, and Field Service to help our customers.

Contact us to learn how we can keep your systems running and reliable.

For more information about selecting a vendor, download HECO’s What to Look for in an Electric Motor Repair Shop e-book.

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