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APOLLO IIoT Solution, Part 1 – Stats You Need and Others to Avoid - HECO

April 13, 2023

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) grows every day. Unfortunately, the success rate of these manufacturing-, monitoring-, and supply chain-based IoT uses does not increase as quickly as the applications proliferate.

According to IoTNOW, 74% of companies view their IoT projects as unsuccessful.

When integrating an IIoT application, gathering information and developing statistics for Predictive maintenance (PdM) from interconnected sensors and networked devices is the goal. Without the proper partner and expertise, however, your IIoT investment may land you on the wrong side of the statistics.

APOLLO is revolutionizing IIoT solutions by pairing remote monitoring technologies with HECO’s expertise to catch failures before they occur—it’s just that simple.

A Predictive Approach

Incorporating a four-tiered approach to Predictive maintenance, HECO’s IIoT solution is unmatched in the industry.

APOLLO keeps your equipment in optimal operating conditions through:

  • Asset Health Management – Active monitoring of your assets’ health helps identify and flag potential issues before they occur.
  • Asset Inspection and Detailed Reporting – Vibration analysis provides data and interpretation.
  • HECO’s Service and Domain Expertise – Through our knowledge and experience, HECO will give detailed recommendations and actions based the APOLLO data.
  • Performance Guarantee – HECO guarantees against unalerted asset failures by utilizing proactive asset health alerts.

Predictive IIoT implementation through APOLLO adds value to your operations by minimizing unplanned downtime and the cost of manual monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. The HECO system also enables you to optimize planned downtime as well as production levels.

Bottom line, the lower chance of equipment failure provided by APOLLO enables you to maintain production totals and meet financial targets.

Common IIoT Pitfalls

With upwards of 80% of IIoT projects failing, it’s clear that there are many reasons these technologies are unsuccessful.

Many of these technologies are applied without the expertise needed to make them a success. Other times, implementers are not able to or invested in providing analysis of the collected data.

As counterintuitive as this may sound, many IIoT failures result from a lack of human collaboration and intuition. Without proper buy-in from all decision-makers (CFOs, plant managers, facilities managers, etc.), even a technologically proficient system may be viewed as inferior.

In addition, the vendor supplying the technology must be invested in its success and committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with you as the customer.

Analysis & Expertise

The whole point of APOLLO is to avoid the widespread issues caused by less experienced implementers. Afterall, HECO has worked in the Predictive maintenance field for more than 30 years.

We provide the analyst along with the APOLLO technology. Meaning, our analysts review sensor data and provide you with actionable insight, eliminating your need for an on-site analyst and increasing the ROI of your investment. HECO also ensures connectivity and battery life through our service.

We continually invest in our technology and customer relationships as well. When you select APOLLO, updates to your sensors are made automatically and free of charge. Our deployment and partnership after the initial technology purchase are one of the unique aspects of working with HECO.

Companies want to know their equipment is up and running. With HECO, performance is guaranteed.

All Systems Go

APOLLO IIoT drives tangible results for your facility to maximize the dependability of your motor, pumps, and rotating equipment.

For more information about APOLLO, visit our website and contact us today.

The APOLLO IIoT Solution blog series will continue with Part 2 – Partnership-Based Approach to Preventative Maintenance & AI.

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