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Your New Resource for Electric Motor Driven Powertrains - HECO

March 9, 2016

To prove our commitment to your powertrain systems & electric motor sales, HECO has recently launched our new website.  Along with an informative website, HECO will be publishing helpful blog posts on a weekly basis focused your needs on the plant floor.  HECO will also periodically publish downloadable  ebooks for plant managers and maintenance engineers, perfected from HECO’s 60 years of experience. For example, grab our recently published, What to Look For In An Electric Motor Repair Shop.

We hope you enjoy our effort to educate & improve our industry.  We look forward to your response & feedback so that our education efforts continue to make your jobs easier.

In the meantime, subscribe to your blog (on the side) for helpful resources to optimize the performance of all your electric motor driven powertrain systems.

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