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Baldor Motors Challenges Visitors to High Stakes Game of “Operation” at Pack Expo 2015 - HECO

September 18, 2015

Baldor Motors recently exhibited at the Las Vegas Pack Expo, offering visitors the chance to test their speed, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination against a robot opponent. Based on the classic Milton Bradley game “Operation,” the challenge required visitors to execute a rapid series of actions without sacrificing precision.

During the event, Baldor had experts on hand to discuss industry difficulties and promote a wide variety of the company’s products, such as their Baldor-Dodge Quantis Ultra Kleen and Tigear-2 Ultra Kleen stainless steel gear reducers. In addition to these products, Baldor displayed several motors engineered specifically industries involved with multi-shift food and pharmaceutical processing.

Attendees of the Las Vegas Pack Expo were no doubt treated to a number of innovative, intriguing displays. Operating every year since 1995, the Expo has evolved into the largest processing and packaging event in the world. Managers, engineers, production experts, branding agents and designers all meet up to discuss where the industry stands and, more importantly, where it’s going.

At HECO, we choose to offer Baldor Electric Company motors because of their ongoing commitment to creating the best, most cost-effective and energy-efficient motors on the market. With AC, DC, servo, linear and gear motors reaching up to 100,000 horsepower, the company offers substantive solutions to plants and facilities looking for the best electric motors available. If you’re considering upgrading your equipment or you’d just like to talk shop and explore your options, contact the experienced staff at HECO and let us introduce you to Baldor motors.

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